We have experience in organising all aspects of a representative mission, work with customers to find what they want, create solutions and ensure a smooth sales process.

2.Sales & Marketing:

On behalf of our clients and on a project basis, Trans World Tourism Marketing Ltd. has extensive experience in conducting Vietnam wide Sales & Marketing Missions. With close relationships with Vietnam tour operators, as well as extensive Tourim Media connections, we have organised a number of sales & marketing missions incorporating all major cities throughout Vietnam & Indochina area.
We will forward you a weekly reports on the activities development & feedback on the competitive rates in the market depending on the clients requirements, in order to secure business for our clients.

3.Public Relations:

When it comes to your brand, we don't just become an 'outsourced agency'. We take care of your brand's overall perception and image in the market. Our services cover all PR tools which include: Press office function – releases, Press trip organization, Brand partnerships, Media events from conception to delivery. Concept and campaign launches. Crisis & Reputation management.

4.Workshop & Events:

On behalf of all our clients that require the service, Trans World Tourism marketing organise a variety of different Workshop & events in order to launch our clients products in Vietnam market.
Trans World also ensure all agents in all seminars (target area), ensuring promo our client’s products, providing full package options for agents in attendance.